In the many years of my existence, there is one thing I have become sure of. Every individual has a story to tell, a life worth knowing about, and a lesson to teach. We often join spiritual societies and read self-help books to motivate ourselves, but little do we realize is that all we need to do is step out and soak in what we see.

‘A Photo A Day’ is a photo essay consisting of 32 pictures, the idea behind each being, to click people from different walks of life, and in the process, learn. This project was conceptualized only after the first picture was taken. I had only walked about a 100 mtrs after clicking Dulal Bera (on Day 1), on my way back home, when the idea struck me. I ran back, took down his details and uploaded the picture in the evening. What started as a selfish aim to hone my skills, developed into a habit of living a new adventure every day.

Though the project came to a halt, the essay behind it continued. I gave back the pictures, and a team of us students also started to teach at Cartouche School (from day 2).